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About us
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What We Are

Northern Beaches Community Cancer Care Incorporated is a community-based charity that was established in 2020 to support the care of people living with cancer in the Northern Beaches region, working in conjunction with professional caregivers in the Oncology and Infusion Centre at the Northern Beaches Hospital. We are a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. Donations $2 and above are tax deductible.

What We Do

We conduct fundraising activities involving the Northern Beaches community that connect patients, medical and allied health professionals associated with the Northern Beaches Hospital and the community, for the benefit of people living with cancer. 

Why We Do It

  • Cancer doesn't discriminate.

  • In 2022, 162,000 people were diagnosed with cancer - an average of 443 individuals every day

  • 50,000 people died from cancer in 2022 - 136 deaths every day.

  • 1 in 9 hospitalisations is due to cancer.

  • 1 in 4 men, and 1 in 6 women will die from cancer by the age of 85.

  • 3 in every 10 deaths in Australia in 2022 were from cancer.

Why the Northern Beaches needs us

The major cancer presentations at Northern Beaches Hospital are:

  • Lung

  • Bowel

  • Breast

  • Prostate

Currently, patients treated at Northern Beaches Hospital do not have the same access to services as other cancer patients elsewhere. For example:

  • There is no care coordinator to coordinate patient care between medical and Radiation Oncologists, General Practitioners, allied health professionals (such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists etcetera).

  • There is no organised community of cancer patients to learn from and talk with.

  • Even though many of the treating specialists are involved with cutting-edge cancer research via clinical trials elsewhere, participation in clinical trials is not available to Northern Beaches Hospital patients unless they travel elsewhere.

  • Patients with certain cancer types are forced to travel to hospitals elsewhere in Sydney in order to access certain equipment.  

  • Along with others, such as the NSW Cancer Council, our early fundraising has helped establish a Wig Library at Northern Beaches Hospital.



Enhanced quality of life for people living with cancer in the Northern Beaches. 


Our mission is to provide funding to meet the priority needs of people living with cancer who are receiving care via the Oncology Unit of the Northern Beaches Hospital.

Supporting People Living with Cancer

To facilitate community support for people living with cancer and their families as and when required.

Coordinating Care

To support people living with cancer, families, GPs, Oncologists and Palliative Care providers via Cancer Care Coordinators at Northern Beaches Hospital.

Helping Professionals

To assist with equipment to support cancer care specialists at Northern Beaches Hospital provide optimal care for people living with cancer.

Helping the Community

To facilitate the participation of patients at Northern Beaches Hospital in clinical trials.

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Our Board

We are managed by a board of community volunteers comprising:

  • Lisa Gallate
    Lisa Gallate is a senior commercial litigator specialising in class actions and corporate insolvency, an author, and a mother of three young children who has experienced the grief of the loss of loved ones to cancer. She believes that grief and other loss can be life changing and that we can move forward and find purpose, love and happiness in our changed landscape. Lisa is also a volunteer grief counsellor.
  • John Havas (Treasurer)
    John is a CPA and registered tax agent who has had extensive experience in public practice in a mid-tier accounting firm, as a non-executive director in the technology sector, and as a tertiary educator in accounting, taxation law and financial management. He has previously been on the Board of Courage to Care and is a mentor/advisor to a First Nations accounting practice, as well as being a reviewer of accreditation for the CPA. He has suffered the loss of close family members to cancer.
  • Julian Henwood
    Julian has lived on the Northern Beaches for 30 years since emigrating from the UK. Although he had to retire prematurely because of metastatic cancer, he maintains an active interest in medicines having trained as a pharmacologist, and with a PhD in pharmacology. He is passionate about evidence based medicine, gastronomy, wines, nature, outrigging and kayaking, giving, and of course being in the presence of good company. ​
  • Elvis Maio
    Elvis is a Health Information Manager with over 15 years experience working in a government organisation and supporting community activities. Elvis has a background in data analytics and data quality improvement methods. He was actively involved with NSW's COVID response utilising experience in data analytics to support the Government's response.
  • Bonita Mersiades (Chair)
    Prior to running a niche publishing house on the Northern Beaches, Bonita had an executive career in strategic policy and program management roles in federal government working in Finance, Education and Health where, amongst other things, she was responsible for Australia's first National HIV/AIDS Strategy; and in strategic policy and communications roles in the not-for-profit health and sporting sectors. She has written three books. She has survived cancer twice. She is a member of the European Union's High Level Policy Group on Sports Governance, and is founder of the Manly Writers' Festival. ​
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