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Schools Giving
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By choosing NBCCC as your Charity of the Year, you can help debunk some of the myths and unknowns about cancer, as well as encourage your students to do something positive for their local community.  


We have plenty of fundraising ideas to share with you, whether you're a primary or secondary school - including inviting one of the doctors, nurses or professional care givers to visit your children and answer their questions. 

Please email us for our schools information pack at, and please get in touch if you wish to discuss.

Here are a few ideas.

Colours of NBCCC Day

On a uniform-free day, wear our colours and raise money at the same time.

Sports Challenge

Pick a favourite sport and name a sporting challenge - for example, a soccer penalty-thon, a 1km relay race, or 1,000 star jumps. Anything goes!


Have a baking class and sell the baked goodies to support NBCCC. 

Notes for NBCCC

Hold a school concert and play to raise funds for NBCCC.

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