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Thank you to the Sun Runners!

February 8, 2021

Thank you to the fantastic people who took part in the 2021 Sun Run for the benefit of NBCCC!

We're incredibly proud of our 15 runners and walkers who have so far helped raise more than $10,000 to help us help people living with cancer.

Our runners included nurses, doctors and allied health professionals from Northern Beaches Hospital as well as cancer survivors and good community people who want to help. Donations are open for charities like ours until the end of the month via

As a guide, $10,000 = 20 wigs for the Wig Library, or will contribute towards helping Northern Beaches people take part in important cancer clinical trials locally.

Our wonderful runners were:

Dr Antony Mersiades
Cass Cordwell
Darren Mara
Dorota Asigno
Elaine Arnold
Kate McQuestin
Kerry Hawke
Dr Mal Itchins
Niamh Hutchison
Nick Mersiades
Phil Cramley
Simon Jarosz
Rajiv Goral
Dr Tristan Barnes
Victoria Simpson

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