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What We Do

We are a volunteer-run community charity that raises money to purchase and maintain equipment, fund essential care-giving roles that support cutting-edge treatment options, and offer customised service to support individuals and families experiencing cancer who are being treated through the Northern Beaches Hospital Cancer Care Unit.  


A cancer diagnosis changes your life, and that of those closest to you - family and friends.​


We aim to make the journey easier by helping where help is needed; and to assist people living with cancer and their families to have peace of mind and confidence as they navigate the way forward. Our fundraising efforts help from diagnosis, through treatment at home or in the hospital, and are provided in association with the professional care-giving staff of the Northern Beaches Hospital. 

How we help 
Nice Nurse

Clinical trials support


Oncology Clinical Trials Pharmacist

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Support people living with cancer in the Northern Beaches

Image by National Cancer Institute

Priority medical equipment

Older man with nurse

Care Coordinator across cancer types at NBH

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Establish and maintain a Wig Library at NBH

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